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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  February 28, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm EST

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there have been reports. a you have not yet made determination on what was reported to have happened today, violating that calls? >> i don't want to be too cute here, but our ongoing discussions. i don't have independent confirmation of those reports to share with you, so we are looking at it. that means we are looking at the last 24 hours and events in the future, which is what the secretary said today. >> you said in one of your answers that any international event, it is important that actions back up words. in that line, when u.s. rficials, like ambassador colleague at, your the white house say it would be a grave mistake for russia to intervene, what does that mean, really? other than calling it a grave
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mistake and a bad thing, what kind of consequences? >> i'm not going to outline what the consequences would be. obviously, i think the international community would look closely at any intervention by the russians or anyone else. but i'm not going to stand here and outline consequent says. >> what does that mean, the international community would look closely at? trying to warn the russians away from doing something that would be bad, and the best you can say the international community will look closely? >> there will be consequences, but that is not our goal, our first path. that whenyou believe you say the international community, i am presuming that you mean the united nations, but you do realize that any attempt to punish russia with the un security council is not going anywhere, right? >> i understand what you are
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saying, matt, but i am not going to much further other than to say there are a lot of countries that are watching that feel that territorial integrity is an important component we need to preserve moving forward. >> and the you include russia in that? >> they have stated that. let's see if their actions back that up. >> ukraine has filed a next edition request for the extradition of yanukovych from russia. any comment on that? >> i have not seen it, but i think would be unlikely we would have a specific comment on that. >> are you aware of plans to discuss the ukraine today? >> we do not confirm or discuss internal meetings. internal if it is because of the five permanent members, the security counsel. >> i don't have any details on that. i can check and see if that is something they have announced.
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the ukrainians asked for there to be a meeting. do you know if the united states was in favor of having this meeting? >> i point you to our mission in new york on that. >> do you recognize the current government of the ukraine? >> we don't recognize governments, as you know. let me answer your question. we don't recognize governments. as i just said earlier, the fact , leftanukovych left kiev his people with the leadership void in our view means that he has lost his legitimacy. our focus here is on working with the interim government. they are going to hold elections . they have called for elections in may and we are focused on the path forward. so by losing his legitimacy, recognizing the current government as legitimate,
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therefore you might -- >> we don't recognize governments. we are working with a range of officials and leaders in the ukraine. >> just going back to the consequences. what the secretary said the other day. is he basically saying that russia is to the kind of situation as well? >> i'm not going to go farther than i have artie gone or the secretary has. anymore on the ukraine? >> no information on who was controlling? >> i don't have any more details for you. apparently, could not wait on commenting on affairs as a private citizen, and he described himself as highly concerned by what is going on and said the russians refer to what is going on in the ukraine as the ukraine virus and they fear it will spread to russia. do you share that view? >> i'm not going to comment on
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the comments of a private citizen, but i will say, broadly speaking, every country we viewed differently. every country has unique circumstances full stop obviously the people of the ukraine have spoken and called for a path forward. that is what we are supporting. anymore the ukraine? context ofioned the in secretary talking, being touch with russia. at the same time you said you are working on the interim government. ,nother part in this process what kind of contact have you had with the e.u.? >> about the ukraine? very close contact. >> good afternoon, everybody. over the last several days, the united states has been responding to events as they have unfolded in the ukraine. through this crisis, we have been very clear about one fundamental question.
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the ukrainian people deserve the opportunity to determine their own future. together with our european allies, we have urged an end to the violence and encourage ukrainians to pursue a course to form a broad-based government and move to elections this spring. i also spoke with president putin. we have been in daily communication with russian officials. we have made clear they can be part of an international community effort to support the stability and success of a united ukraine going forward, which is not only in the interest of the people of the ukraine and the international committee but also in russia positive firsts. however, we are now deeply concerned of reports of military movements taken by the russian federation inside the ukraine. an historic relationship with the ukraine, including cultural and economic ties and a military capability violation oft any
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the ukraine sovereignty and territorial integrity would be deeply destabilizing, which is not in the interest of the ukraine, russia, or europe. it would represent a profound interference in matters that must be determined by the ukrainian people. it would be a clear violation of russia's commitment to respect the independence and sovereignty of the borders of the ukraine and international laws. just days after the world came ,o russia for the olympic games it would invite the condemnation of nations around the world, and the united states will stand with the international community affirming there will be costs for military intervention in the ukraine. the events of the past several months remind us of how difficult democracy can be in a country with deep divisions. at the ukrainian people have also reminded us that human beings have a universal right to determine their own future.
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right now the situation remains very fluid. vice president biden just spoke with prime minister of the ukraine to assure him in this difficult moment the united states supports his government's efforts and stands for the sovereignty, territorial integrity, and a democratic future of the ukraine. i also commend the ukrainian government's restraint and commitment to uphold its international obligations. we'll continue to coordinate closely with our european allies . we will continue to communicate directly with the russian government. and we will continue to keep all of you in the press and the american people informed as events develop. thanks very much. inare they russian forces crimea? >> so a short statement by
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president obama. we understand that he is going to walk across the street to the democratic national committee winter meeting a few blocks from the white house. when he gets there and begins his remarks, we will have him for you live. this afternoon, the security council held an emergency session to discuss the political unrest in the ukraine. meeting, theor ukrainian ambassador to the u.n. spoke to reporters. this is 40 minutes. we will show you as much as we can. i informed them of the creation of the new government by the overall majority in the parliament. this majority, constitutional which demonstrated the support not only of the new theers in power, but also opposition.
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yesterday, the government was created. majority,overwhelming with deep legacy and the program of the government, a berber in vision ofringing the how to cope with the current theis, how to cope with root of this crisis, and how to stabilize the situation. the basic notables of this formation the further of a civil society based on democratic principles and a guarantee of the rights of all the nation of my door days, including language. unfortunately, i was informed of the recent developments in the ukraine. today, the parliament issued a resolution explaining in crimea
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they are observing the external encouraging the clashes. the group of identified people yesterday addressed the ukrainian parliament and the cabinet of ministers on the threats. the parliament took the decision to have a referendum in may. the same situation happened recently in the two airports of crimea. the group of heavy weapon the people blocked these airports. i briefed the security council. my people have the current
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ofuation at this moment unspecified armed forces of the russian federation in the territory of the ukraine. legale informed about the -- illegal crossing of the border by russian military them,orts, about 10 of arriving. 11 military cargo -- 11 military helicopters were also crossing borders, as well as the situation.the other these are military attack helicopters, by the way, not 24.nsport, mi- we informed about -- just forgot
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the name. informed, also, the brutal officerthe russian navy moving his contingent when he was stopped and amended to explain what was going on. captain,ussian navy who tried to explain his actions ny recent actions by the crimea authorities. i informed the security council about our extreme concern and expressed strong indignation regarding the recent post on the facebook page of the russian foreign ministry. this posting.
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"instructions have been sent to the russian consular a general to undertake all necessary measures in order to stop the russian passports to the police unit. this unit that was involved on the streets of kiev, and this was by the decision of the ministry of the interior." today, our ministry of foreign affairs expresses our strong protest of the russian military maneuvers and their presence in removeand demand them to all these units and people. i also informed the security council about the decision of
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the parliament and the minister the russian hold a bilateral consultation under article seven of the treaty of partnership between the ukraine and the russian federation of 1997. got theur ministry peace proposal officially rejected by the russian side. decisionament took the to address all the parties of the budapest memorandum on security issues signed in 1994 between the ukraine and five .ountries to theour decision nuclear armament. them to observe
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their obligations, including russia, who signed this memorandum. we asked the security council to consider the situation in the ukraine as seriously as it is and to undertake the appropriate to stop to assist us whichngerous developments are challenging the international peace and our territorial integrity. thank you. >> how would you characterize the russian military movements, as aggression? >> yes, because some of them identified themselves as russians. we know specifically some of the the 22ndr example
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special brocade of the intelligence department, the foreign forces of the russian theration, we know involved special law enforcement company. i gave you the name of this captain who led his group because of the decision of the crimean parliament, and we identified the presence of the russian aircraft and helicopters. the people who invaded in the parliament in the crimean keepingnt and who is the airports there to be identified. name ofou tell us the the naval officer, and can you tell us where these aircraft are headed? are they going into crimea or other places? and whether your government has control over the two airports in crimea? >> so, where is the name.
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here. unitkrainian coast guard was blocked by a group of armed people on the command of a , captain of captain the first rank. so this is his title. captain alexander, who tried to explain his action by recent decisions of crimean authorities. still, we do not have full control of the airport. along with that, what we got .rom kiev center hasr control by the armed
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forces of the russian federation . and so looking at the paper, again, all the signals are being suppressed by the equipment to control the air movement. so -- here we are. i was looking to find the papers where we have enough. >> what is your response to the yanukovych press conference held in russia? government'syour to the international monetary fund, where does it stand, how long of a time frame are you looking at? >> thank you. luckily, i had a chance to listen to mr. yanukovych. comedy.een told this is
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even if you look back, as i was told by my colleagues, if you ,ook at what he said literally that because of our strategic --ations with the ukraine look, the president of the .kraine stated it like that a man who could step aside, even on the price of his own position , and not to permit people to kill others, he escaped from the country somewhere. and making statements which are making more and more harm. it is beyond moral. so the imf. the delegation of the imf is coming to kiev next week.
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there were some statements from negotiateat we are to some liberations in the position, but what is very that we door us understand the restrictions, because money to come should come and work for the reforms and net disappear, 2 billion, 3 given by the russian side. they are to work for the reforms and the people in the government should know exactly where this money will go. you exactly expect from this session of the security council? besides calling it aggression, will you please again summarize how you would describe those who have agressed your
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country? in crimea and a big amount coming from the russian federation. today, the delegation, the visitors from russia, russian times.ent explained in , and theirming there protection and so on and so forth. but we made a lot of statements thatars ago, 15 years ago any international invasion of our domestic affairs, yes, there are groups, pro-russians. makingse groups are now a serious mistake challenging our territorial independence and
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integrity. i would like you all not to be partial. look on the internet yourself and make analysis of yourself. nho was appointed by the crimea parliament as the prime minister recently? and you will understand everything full stop the same syrian area -- the same scenario happened elsewhere. the people with their past are the question. crime and soo made on. look and confirm. this is something which needs global understanding of the process. because the mechanisms are the same. what i expect from the security council and from all of you? trueed the impartial
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courage of the situation in crimea, because it is one-sided. one-sided coverage from the russian side. what you need to have, we want you to help us bring the truth around the world what is going on. what do we expect from the security council and all communities? all, of all, first of moral support. to understand what is going on. want from them as political support. we want from them to do everything possible in terms of preventive diplomacy. still we have a chance to stop the negative developments and to through strongs
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voices from around the world. because we have observed this same scenario in many places. somebody comes from this side and into the vulnerable. >> again, thank you. if the security council does not give you the support also because russia is one of the permanent members with a bit of power, can you tell us what your government expects from the european union and the united situation, to the make the situation not escalate more? >> thank you. me, i am following the final stance of the security council. i know that we have the support , whene several days ago
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the presidency briefed the the discussionl, brought to the exchange of the positions of the security council member states on the situation in the ukraine. , 15 is russia, they stated that for the territorial integrity, they stated for the unity, they stated practically for the support. i count on this majority. but if the security council is really capable to deal with the ,ituation like the ukraine has in terms of security council reform, its effectiveness, the rapid mystery act -- the rapidness to react to stop the violence. i am referring to what the
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french leadership stated during the general assembly last september. to forget about the leaders when atrocities are standing before us. when a challenge to international peace is in front of us. this is my expectation, but also the expectation of the major general assembly supporters as well. i don't think that the pausetive country could itself about what they think about all of these atrocities. are you saying there is no way in which the current government of kiev would accept the idea of a referendum in without outside partial monitors to find out what the in the wayrimea wqaant
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of their government? >> to be a pure legal list, i should say the decision by the crimea parliament was taken but as well there is no legislation of the ukraine, , it has to be regional or local referendums. there is a profession of our state law on the referendums -- there is a provision of the state law on the referendums that if any question refers to the territorial integrity of of anyg of the status regions of the ukraine, it should be a national referendum. terms, the, in legal specific bill should be adopted to move with all of these thoughts and decisions.
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that's why in legal terms, constitutional terms, it is very difficult. it's very difficult to realize it now with all of the steps. ambassador, are you confident the new ukrainian government has the support of the ukrainian security forces in this crisis? and also, is the ukraine prepared to defend itself militarily, or doesn't have the capability to do so against the russian federation? >> good question. , before changing the constitutional majority in , before thent creation of the government, they stated that they would be in favor of the government of the people's trust. and we had for the first time in
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very specific kind of consultations with people. each of the candidates of the negotiatedthey were with the set of society organized on independence square. they organize the council. candidates were agreed with them. some of these candidacies were thrown out. so it means the minister of defense is a professional military man. people,upported by the and he is respected in the army. in the security, supporters from
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the opposition, his candidacy is supported by the people. and he used to be the chief of during a time. and the minister of the interior. so people demonstrated their support, their full support in the ministry. they got those who were professional people. we count on that. the second question is very painful for me, because i don't want to think about any kind of military development around the settlement of the question. -- i think we are strong enough to defend ourselves.
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, weave a strong feeling have a spiritual feeling that we are right in what we are doing. >> can you talk about the resolution invoking the international criminal court? thethis come up, and also request to extradite mr. yanukovych back? what are the status of those actions? you can find the experts on how this works. well, it's not so easy to move directly. so what do we have. ratify the statute. we should, because it has been democraticce the failed to ratify it, and now it is ratified. but it does not mean that it could work.
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ground, we have on the there is the people's initiative. there is the initiative committee to connect all the crimes of the former power. this people's committee is headed by a professional, my former colleague and former ambassador to the united kingdom, a professor of international law, any formal judge -- former judge. they are collecting and making analysis of all of the crimes and atrocities of the former regime. then the next step, i don't know. all, it shouldof be decided in the ukrainian ukrainians, and then to see how we can move.
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but it was not so frightening for yanukovych, no, not that. parliament take their decision to criminalize the article of the former criminal court which permits to release the prisoner, he admitted. >> was the comedy the press conference? >> yes. thinking itstead of is a comedy, the russian government thinks that yanukovych is still the president of the ukraine, do you think that sooner or later there will be a problem of who is the legal representatives of the ukraine? do you have everybody recognizing you at the moment as the ambassador of the ukraine?
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>> uh, a good question. but to answer the comedy, please look carefully how it was organized. answers to the questions raised by the journalists. microphones were switched off. he kept saying, i am the president of the ukraine, i am the president of the ukraine, so it was the only task for him not to answer the questions. the questions were very tough. was, what can you say about your luxury palace and what we discovered there, and so on. as to his legacy as the president, as to the question which is pending, either it was or was the├ętat normal process of the political changes in the parliament. the former speaker of the
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parliament who was the right hand of yanukovych made several statements. video andlook at his what he said. he denied whatever yanukovych kill this attempts to former speaker. he talked about the process in parliament as reformation of the parliamentary majority. took the decision as to the creation of the government legally. and is pendingw again is the question. are going to break away from this pre-recorded program and take you live to the democratic national committee winter meeting. this is debbie wasserman schultz making introductory remarks.
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we expect president obama momentarily. live coverage on c-span. >> the president of the united states, barack obama. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014] [captioning performed by national captioning institute]
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>> hello, democrats! are you fired up? let's get ready to go. all right, everybody have a seat. have a seat. take a load off. [laughter] i feel a lot of friends here. it is good to see all of you. debbiebegin by thanking wasserman schultz for being the outstanding leader she is. not just for the people of florida, but being an outstanding leader for this party. we are very proud of her. our ceo is here doing a terrific job of it. hit the ground running. thank all of the governors and mayors, legislators and state party leaders, dnc members in the house. officersl of the dnc who are with me today, all of
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them are just great friends and such incredible leaders who are moving the needle on behalf of justice, equity, and economic growth every single day. we are really proud of them. thank you to the millions of americans in all 50 states who help our party thrive at the grassroots -- and puerto rico -- every single day. thank you. [laughter] it's friday. it's after 5:00. so this is now officially happy hour with the democratic party. [applause] i can do that. it's an executive action. i have the authority. henry is picking up the tab. [laughter] [applause]
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democrats, for more than 200 country, our success, , all ofress, our people it has been grounded, it has been based, rooted in a basic promise. i promise of opportunity for all. -- a promise of opportunity for all. it means here in america, what matters isn't what we look like, what our last name is, the we love, how we started out. what matters is the strength of our work ethic on the scope of our dreams, our willingness to take responsibility not only for ourselves, our families, and our immediate community, but for all people.
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we take responsibility for each other. that's what makes america the place that it is, a place where you can make it if you try. that's what makes it a h beacon for people all around the world, that is what this country was built on. and it is the idea that this party is built on. and that's why, with your help, i ran for president, so we could keep that promise alive for this generation and for generations to come. and together we have made drug restful stop -- and together we have made progress. a .5usinesses have made million new jobs over the past four years. million new jobs over the past four years. housing market that is rebounding, and auto industry that is flat knighting is now
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booming. a manufacturing sector that lost one third of its jobs in the previous decade is now adding jobs for the first time since the 1990's. [applause] troops that were fighting two wars are coming home. [applause] create jobs in other countries, more companies are choosing to create jobs and invest right here in the united states of america. we are producing more energy than ever before and we are thating climate pollution threatens the future of our children and our grandchildren. so we've made progress, and that's why i believe this can be a breakthrough year for america. after five years of great and determined effort, no other country is better positioned for the 21st century. that's not just my opinion. you talk to big investors, you
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talk to ceo's, you talk to leaders of other countries and they look at us and say, you have so much going for you. but we all know we've still got more to do. we've got work to do, because the trends that have battered the middle class for decades have not been reversed. in some cases they have grown starker. after four and half years of economic growth, corporate havets, stock prices, they really been higher, those at the top have never done better. but average wages have barely budged. too many middle-class families are working harder than ever and are treading water. many families cannot seem to work their way into the middle class at all. areladders of opportunity
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now the roving -- are now eroding. thoseb is to reverse trends, an economy that works for the many, not just the few. an economy where working americans feel security in their jobs and homes and their finances. our job not just as democrats but as americans is to restore opportunity for all. that's why we are in this. .hose are our values obviously this is an election year. but an election that is eight months away should not stop us from making progress right now. there are things we could be doing right now to help the american people. and we shouldn't be doing nothing because there is an election coming up. i have set i want to work with congress wherever i can. and our places where the parties can work together to get things done.
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said and shown that in this year of action, wherever i can act on my own to expand opportunity for more americans, i will. [applause] that's what i owe the american people. that is what we all owe the american people. now, me saying back, that i'm going to go ahead and do things to help middle-class families, has gotten some republicans in congress all stirred up. as if they prefer to do nothing. we're going to keep moving forward on the agenda the american people elected us to move forward on. we've got a is fundamental disagreement with the other side. and that's ok. this is a democracy. that's how it works. but we have a fundamental disagreement about what we need
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to do now to secure our future. id don't get me wrong, consider republicans patriots who love this country just as much as we do. shouts] i'm sorry. who is that back there? [laughter] what the heck are you talking about? [applause] >> obama, obama! >> don't worry about it. where ok. -- we are ok. i don't know anything about that plan.
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[laughter] i don't know what you've been reading. [laughter] let me -- let me return to what i was talking about. [applause] he thought happy hour started earlier. [laughter] [applause] [laughter] now, don't get me wrong, i think the republicans are patriots. they love this country just like we do. they love their kids, they love their communities. at they just keep on offering theory of the economy that time and again has failed america.
5:48 pm
they think we should give more tax breaks to those at the top and invest less in things like education and research. i'm not making that up. go on their website. that's what they think. they think we should let big banks and credit card companies and insurers do it is only best for their bottom line about response ability to their customers or their communities. despite what we saw in 2 007-2008, and the consequences of that crisis, they think we should drastically reduce or eliminate the safety net for more people. we're seeing that right now played out by the unemployment insurance. they will even shut down the government or threaten the full faith and credit of our country when they don't get their way. things,e do all these
5:49 pm
they are convinced the economy will thrive and jobs and prosperity will trickle down to everybody. as with they believe. -- that is what they believe. and they have a right to hold those beliefs. the mirkin people know better. because what they are offering is not a new theory. it's a theory they presented in the run-up to the great depression. it's a theory they expounded in the run-up to the crisis in 2008. it's a theory they just repeated in the election of 2012. and the mirkin people said, no thanks -- and the american people said, no thanks, we don't have confidence in that theory. because this theory has a history does not mean it should have a future. [applause] it's time to retire this theory. it doesn't work. doesn't work.
5:50 pm
and that's why the outcome of this election is so important. it will just set the direction of this country for the next two years. it will set the direction of this country for years to come. and the choice could not be more clear. opportunity for a few or opportunity for all. that is what this election is about. as democrats, we have a different idea of what the future looks like. an idea rooted in our conviction that our economy goes best not from the top-down but from the middle up. that is with the opportunity agenda offers. opportunity for all begins with access to a good job. next week i will send congress a budget that will create new jobs in manufacturing and energy and innovation and infrastructure. [applause] and we will pay for every dime of it by cutting unnecessary spending, closing wasteful tax loopholes. now, republicans have a
5:51 pm
different view. just last month, their party actually made it a part of their platform to let folks at the very top play by different set of rules and avoid paying their fair share by stashing their money in overseas tax havens. also adds that billions of dollars to our deficit every year. insteadrats, we believe of more tax breaks for the few, we should make investments to grow the economy for everyone. that's what we believe. [applause] opportunity for all means guaranteeing every young person access to a world-class education. [applause] ago, justfour years an example, four years ago we took on the student loan system that gave billions of taxpayer dollars to big banks as part of the student loan system, even as there were young people out there who were not getting the help they need it to go to school. so we use the savings to help more students afford college.
5:52 pm
today, more young people are earning college degrees than ever before. you would think republicans would say, you know what, that's a good idea. good for you, mr. president. [laughter] bno, the republicans still want to return that money to the banks. as democrats, we are fighting to make sure that more americans can afford higher education, whether it is technical training, community colleges, four-year university. that is what we believe. that is what we are fighting for. meansunity for all building an economy that rewards hard work for every american, not only with a paycheck that supports a family but with equal pay for equal work and health care when we get sick and secure retirement, even if we are not rich, and a chance to hand out hope and optimism to our kids.
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[applause] at a time when women make up half of our workforce, it's an outrage that women can still $.77 for every dollar that a man earns. this is not 1954. it's 2014. a woman deserves equal pay for equal work. [applause] she deserves to have a baby without sacrificing her job. [applause] a mother deserves to take a day off to care for a sick kid or sick parent without running into hardship. and if other does, too. a father does, too. any woman deserves to control her own health care choices. [applause] don't know why we are still arguing about this. [laughter]
5:54 pm
i saw some republicans in in outsideought aides to teach them how to talk to women. [laughter] it is unclear how they have gotten this far without that particular skill. [laughter] but --but talking the talk is not walking the walk. the problem is not how they talk about their policies. the problem is their policies. [applause] i have to decide which side they're on. what they believe in. .o we know what side we're on as democrats, we believe when women succeed, america succeeds, that is what we think. [applause] as americans, we believe that no one should work full-time and have to raise their family in poverty. [applause]
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since i first asked congress to first raise the minimum wage, six states have passed laws to raise theirs. more are working to join them. and more businesses are choosing to do it, too. start,ek, the gap made a raising wages for 65,000 workers in the united states. goodnk it is a business practice. i took action to lift more wages by requiring federal contractors employees at least $10.10 per hour. if you're cooking troop meals or washing their dishes, this country should pay you a wage that you can live on. so it's time to raise a minimum worth less than when ronald reagan was in office. the american people are way ahead of congress on this. the majority of americans
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support raising the minimum wage. but republicans in congress, surprisingly enough, oppose raising the minimum wage. some of them want to scrap it entirely. house republican said the other day, i think it has outlived its usefulness, i would vote to repeal the minimum wage. yet a senate republican said, it has never worked. and when the republican leader in the senate was asked if they should hold a vote at all, he said, i would hope not. think about that. tell that to the millions of folks out there who are working so hard every day and at the end of the month they just cannot stretch that paycheck to pay all their bills. tell that to the women who are most likely to hold lower wage jobs. tell that to the average minimum wage worker who was 35 years old. when i signed that executive
5:57 pm
, to make sure the federal contractors were paid minimum wage, we had a group of those workers who were going to be impacted. and these were not teenagers. these were folks with families, doing hard work, hard jobs that are necessary. and that we benefit from. and higher wages are good for them and they are good for their family and they are good for our economy and it gives businesses more customers with more money to spend, and the economy grows for everybody and those employers, because they have more customers and are making more profit, decide to hire more workers. it is time to give america a work and to elect democrats who will do it. [applause]
5:58 pm
of course, for years now, rather than focusing on creating jobs or raising wages or helping more young people afford college, republicans in congress have been obsessed with one thing above all others. no, not ted nugent. [laughter] they have been obsessed with repealing the affordable care act. you know what they say. 50th time is the charm. [laughter] maybe when you hate your 50th repeal vote, you will win a prize. [laughter] maybe if you buy 50 repeal votes, you get one free. [laughter] we get it. we understand. we get it, we get it, you don't like it. i got it. [laughter]
5:59 pm
for five years, republicans in congress have been talking about offering a serious plan of their own. you can go back and look at it, ,very year, 2009, 2010, 2011 our, 2013, every year, alternative plan is right around the corner. we are just about to put it on the floor. were going to have a vote. we are still in the drafting process. every year. i'm sure it's coming any day now. [laughter] the reason they don't do it, of course, is that we are ready to the best ideas that are out there about bringing down costs and covering more people. yes, there have been some disruptions. yes, we lost that first month out of the gate. fixwe have worked hard to problems that have come up without any cooperation from
6:00 pm
them. in fact, they complain when we fix them. how dare you fix the things we were complaining about. [laughter] have you noticed that? they will complain about something, and then we take eps to fix it, you are a tyrant, you're overreaching. [laughter] you are laughing, but it's true. on not making this stuff up. -- i'm not making this stuff up. aremillions of americans more secure and will be more secure because of what we did. millions of americans. because as democrats, we believe that no hard-working americans should never go broke just because they get sick. and this week we topped 4
6:01 pm
million americans who have signed up for new private insurance reform, which is on top of the millions of americans who have gotten coverage through medicaid or the children's health insurance plan and the millions of seniors who have got discounts on their prescription drugs. thanks to the affordable care american can ever again be chopped or denied coverage just because of a pre-existing condition like asthma or cancer and no woman can be charged more for just being a woman. [applause] i wish sometimes you could see the letters that we get from folks who write to me. people who say, i did not vote for you and i don't really like you but i'm saving money.
6:02 pm
folks who say, i did not have i had ae and found out potentially fatal disease and because of the affordable care act, i can write to you here today. that is not something to repeal. that is something to celebrate and build on. before, you want to work on ways we can make this better, i'm happy to listen. but republicans can flirt with taking away these protections and peace of mind that a million millions oficans -- americans are getting. they want to stand up under certain they will let women get charged more again until more parents you are on your own again. that is their prerogative. as democrats we will keep working to make this law work even better and keep working family by family and block by block and neighborhood by
6:03 pm
neighborhood, on campuses and in churches to get more americans covered with the economic security and peace of mind that quality health insurance provides. [applause] we will not apologize for it because it's the right thing to do. [applause] thebottom line is republican party can keep telling the country what they are against. they are against the affordable care act, the minimum wage, equal pay. against commonsense immigration reform here and they are against climate change. but democrats, we will keep telling america what we are for. to givingrica a raise
6:04 pm
america help. americans are not interested in leaders who are refining the old ideological benefits. they want is focused on their lives and their hopes and their aspirations and their kids. the last thing they can afford is a congress who gives free rein back to mortgage companies and credit card companies and insurers and big banks. that we are finally holding accountable. your ownty to make choices rather than have powerful interests make them for to ourtoo important future to be undone by politicians who are stuck in the past. in some states they are so far in the past but they are pushing laws to legalize segregation
6:05 pm
based on sexual orientation. we have let the other side define the word freedom for too long. [applause] let me tell you something. mean theoes not ability to ask what is in it for me. freedom is not, i have no obligations to anybody. it is not freedom when powerful interests can use the fine print to trick you into buying a home you cannot afford or hit you with hidden fees or rate hikes or drop your health insurance without warning. that is not freedom. freedom is peace of mind knowing that if you got sick you will not lose everything. freedom is the ability to change jobs and start a new business, chase a new idea without fear of losing your health insurance.
6:06 pm
that news signing for home and knowing it cannot be taken from you. because you actually understand what you are signing. freedom is getting that new understanding how you are going to manage it, enrolling in college and knowing what you will owe once you graduate. freedom is the knowledge that your future in this country is secure. you're not going to be treated oncea second-class person we fix our broken immigration system. that is freedom. [applause] to gom is the ability into a store a restaurant without fear that you're going to be received -- refused service because of who you are and who you love. [applause] we are not ceding that word.
6:07 pm
freedom for the most powerful interests to do what they want i suppose is one kind of freedom. but freedom for honest americans to pursue their dreams, but that's what we believe. that is the choice we face right now, opportunity for a few or for all. congress have already given america a measuring stick. the top republican in the house said america should judge them not on how many laws they pass, which is not a lot, but on how many they repeal. that is what they said. the top republican in the senate said his top priority was not to expand opportunity, but to beat me. let's look at the scorecard. [laughter] they are 0-2. themnovember, let's make 0-3.
6:08 pm
let's make them 0-3. that's where all of you come in. that is where the dnc can make a difference. when democrats have everybody on the field, we cannot lose. that is a fact. win.democrats vote, we believee more folks who in what we stand for them believe in what they stand for. the other side knows that. their models are constructed based on the idea that americans will sit out through selection. in the past, it is true. a lot of americans don't vote in midterms. they just don't.
6:09 pm
african-americans, latinos. we oftentimes don't vote during midterms. republicans say this. statep republican in one assembly said, a lot of minorities and younger people will not turn out in a nonpresidential year. it's a great year for republicans. that is a quote. a whole bunch of people are not voting. [laughter] everybody laughs when i say these things. this is what they say. look it up. which explains why some in their party are always trying to make it harder for people to vote. that is the big difference between our parties. we believe that more voices do not make america weaker. more voices make us stronger and better. we are greater together.
6:10 pm
that is why the dnc is not just protecting the right to vote, you are registering more people to vote. data anduilding on the technology infrastructure we build over a decade, pushing back on the lies and misinformation from those who cannot win on the truth. supporting our state parties and building our grassroots. we are democrats. we believe change comes from the bottom up. we're the party of thomas jefferson, who declared that all men are created equal. we're the party of franklin roosevelt who believed in basic measures of security and dignity for every american. we are the party of john f. , and believe that a rising tide should lift all folks. clintonhe party of bill
6:11 pm
, a party that has proved through smart choices we can grow our economy and shrink our deficit and invest in our people. a party that believes an opportunity for all and responsibility from all. that's who we are from democrats -- as democrats. if we speak to america's hopes over our fears, if we inspire rather than divide them and respond to their challenges with the same urgency they feel in their own lives, we will not just win in november, we will win for america. that is our future. thank you ray much, -- very much, dnc! i love you. god bless you. >> just before the president's remarks to the democratic national committee, he spoke in the white house briefing room about the undressed -- unrest in ukraine. he said there will be costs if
6:12 pm
russia uses military force in ukraine. >> good afternoon, everybody. over the last several days the u.s. has been responding to events as they unfold in ukraine. throughout this crisis we have been clear about one fundamental principle. people deserve the opportunity to determine their own future. together with our european allies we have urged an end to the violence and encouraged ukrainians to pursue a course in which they stabilize their country, forge a broad-based government and move to elections this spring. i also spoke several days ago and myesident putin administration has been in daily communication with russian officials. we have made it clear they can be part of an international
6:13 pm
community's effort to support stability and success of a united ukraine going forward, which is not only in the interests of the people of ukraine and the international community, but in russia's interests. we are now deeply concerned by reports of military movements taken by the russian federation inside of ukraine. russia has a historic relationship with ukraine, including cultural and economic ties and a military facility in crimea. ukraine'sion of sovereignty and territorial integrity would be deeply intabilizing, which is not the interests of ukraine, russia, or europe. a profoundpresent interference in matters of must be determined by the ukrainian people. it would be a clear violation of sia's respect of the sovereignty and borders of ukraine and of international laws. just days after the world came to russia for the olympic games,
6:14 pm
it would invite the condemnation of nations around the world. the u.s. will stand with the international community. the events of the past several months remind us about difficult democracy in a country with deep divisions. the ukrainian people have reminded us that human beings have a universal right to determine their own future. right now the situation remains very fluid. vice president biden just spoke with the prime minister of ukraine to assure him that in this difficult moment, the u.s. supports his government's efforts and stance for the territorial integrity and democratic future of ukraine. i commend the ukrainian government's restraint and commitment to uphold its international obligations. we will continue to coordinate
6:15 pm
closely with our european allies. we will continue to communicate directly with the russian government and we will continue to keep all of you in the press corps and the american people informed as events develop. thanks very much. >> also today the un security council held an emergency session to discuss the political unrest in ukraine. meeting, closed-door several ambassadors spoke with reporters. we start with samantha power, the u.s. ambassador to the u.n.. >> good afternoon, everybody. we have just come from an emergency meeting and consultation of the security
6:16 pm
council on ukraine. it is important that the council came together today on this subject. this is a critical moment for the future of ukraine and the ukrainian people. the u.s. stands with ukrainian people in determining their own destiny, their own government, their own future. byare gravely disturbed reports of russian military deployment into the crimea. the u.s. calls upon russia to pull back the military forces that are being built up in the allow to stand down and the ukrainian people the opportunity to pursue their own government, create their own destiny, and do so freely without intimidation or fear. we call upon all states to respect the sovereignty of ukraine. as various political actors begin making decisions about what role they will play in theing that future, international community as an opportunity and responsibility
6:17 pm
to stand firmly with the people of ukraine and in doing so to prevent unnecessary violence. given the present turbulence, it is useful for the council to reiterate certain principles, including the unity and territorial integrity of ukraine , the need for peaceful dialogue and prevention of further violence, and the fact that ukraine's future can only be determined by the ukrainian people. in recent days the world has bore witness to the overwhelming support that ukraine's new government has received from all major parties within the country. at the same time, we recognize that this newly formed government will require international assistance as it tries to correct the economic failures and political inequities of the past administration. a key to doing this and to ukraine's stability and economic security depends on it having healthy relations with all of its neighbors, including russia and the european union. stance with the ukrainian people at this or
6:18 pm
marketable moment and welcomes formation of the new government. pleased the cabinet is inclusive and representative and we congratulate the members and the ukrainian people on their historic achievement. the new government needs to continue its outreach to minority groups to help calm the situation and affirm its commitment to protecting minority rights. clearly this is a message that needs to be heard especially in the crimea, where we have seen actions and heard rhetoric that could threaten ukrainian stability. condemn any move to undermine ukraine's sovereignty or territorial integrity, which we expect all states to respect. the best way for the people of crimea to achieve their goals is to work peacefully within the established political system. to this end, the u.s. calls for an urgent international mediation mission to the crimea to begin to de-escalate the
6:19 pm
situation, and facilitate productive and peaceful political dialogue among all ukrainian parties. we in courage all ukrainians to pursue their aspirations through peaceful dialogue and nonviolent political activity. in combination, the new government's efforts with international assistance to bring about economic recovery and renewed hope for the future. thank you. i would be happy to take a couple of questions. who should be involved in this international mediation mission, and has the u.s. communicated directly to russia greatlyerns that it is disturbed by these reports and wants russia to pull back? >> the president of the united states will be speaking on the issue of ukraine later today. you will hear directly from him. in terms of the mediation
6:20 pm
mission that we think is urgently needed, what is important is that it be seen as independent, credible. the secretary-general has dispatched an envoy to ukraine. ukraineer ambassador to , the o.s.c.e. has historic connections to many parts of ukraine and to the ukrainian people. what we think is important is that there is a mission at a time when the crisis seems to be escalating rather than the escalating. be carriedat mission out in service of the territorial integrity, sovereignty and unity of ukraine. how you wouldou describe the russian military
6:21 pm
movement in crimea? do these count as an act of aggression? >> i'm not going to characterize the movements. you will be hearing from the president shortly. the point i have already made is that we are deeply concerned by these reports, deeply concerned by what we see as the facts on the ground. we urge russia to join us in ukraine get back on a path to a brighter future. >> thank you very much. the lithuanian ambassador to spoke with reporters about the situation in ukraine. after his remarks, we will hear from the ambassadors from britain and russia. good afternoon. the members of the security council held an urgent meeting
6:22 pm
by the permanent representative of ukraine to the security council. the briefing and close consultations -- the briefing was held by the assistant secretary-general, who briefed the council members on a situation in ukraine. the council members reviewed with concerns. during the discussion, support was expressed for ukraine's unity and sovereignty. on thencil agreed importance of restraint by all political actors in ukraine and called for inclusive political dialogue acknowledging the
6:23 pm
diversity of ukrainian society. [indiscernible] capacity i can say that we have a deep concern about the situation, and the outbreak of violence in ukraine. we express our strong support for ukraine's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity. we call on ukraine's foreign partners to abide by international law. during the discussions we were reminded of the obligations to observe multilateral agreements by all parties, including 1994 budapest memorandum on ukraine in ukraine and russian agreement of 1997. we reiterated the obligation of all member states to refrain in international relations from
6:24 pm
threats or the use of force against territorial integrity, political independence of any manner inconsistent with the purposes of the u.n. >> [inaudible] was there anyone that did not recognize the actual government of ukraine? >> individual member states who have various opinions will express these opinions. i will not speak on behalf of individual member states. . >> will this require security council action or otherwise? >> we just heard a proposal. it has been put on the table. >> the ukrainian ambassador talked about whether the russian military airplanes across the
6:25 pm
borders, did they carry troops? what options is the security council considering to ease the unrest in the region? >> the ukrainian ambassador gave specific details. i would assume it's better him who should speak about the situation in his own country than myself. ,ith regards to the situation if need be i would assume the next president of the council would be holding other meetings to follow-up from this. thank you. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. the un security council has just met to discuss the situation in ukraine. in the course of this meeting, i expressed my deep concern at the recent developments in crimea and particularly reports of russian troop deployment.
6:26 pm
the united kingdom believes that any newly deployed troops that did not answer to the ukrainian government should withdraw. my prime minister and fellow secretary have been in touch with the leaders of the new government in ukraine and russia in the course of today. they have stressed the need for every country to respect the territorial integrity, unity and sovereignty of ukraine. my fellow secretary will travel to ukraine on sunday. we urge all parties, in and outside of ukraine, to exercise restraint and avoid actions or rhetoric that would inflame tensions further or impact on ukraine's sovereignty in any way. my foreign secretary welcomed assurances from acting president on respecting the rights of all minorities in ukraine. we want the people of ukraine to be free to determine their own future.
6:27 pm
it is clear that ukraine wants to move towards a different future and the voices of those who have protested over several months have been heard. a stable and prosperous ukraine is in all of our interests. this is not a zero-sum game. we should now all work together to help restore stability and protect ukraine's economy. thank you. >> the foreign secretary was in washington and met with the international mart unitary fund. -- monetary fund. what is the relationship between that process and the mediation process proposed or trying to address the issues in the crimea? >> there are a number of challenges facing the new government in kiev. one of them is the economy. went to seeecretary the imf in washington because we believe the imf needs to take the lead in putting together a financial package to help the
6:28 pm
ukrainian government to recover from the economic crisis it is in, and to help the ukrainian government take the necessary tough decisions for the structural forms required to put the economy back on track. linked tot directly any political mediation, but it is to address one of the key challenges of the new government hat -- that kiev faces. >> what are the next steps for the security council? all you consider mediating mission to the ukraine and will you meet again in the coming days? >> i suspect the security council will meet regularly to discuss ukraine if the crisis continues. think the mediation proposal mission that was suggested does actually require security council approval. as i understand it, the idea was that the special envoy of the
6:29 pm
secretary-general -- who is in kiev -- might go to crimea. perhaps there might be some o people who will go there and try to de-escalated the tension in crimea. that would not require a security council mandate. we just heard the ukrainian ambassador saying that he would expect from the security council some type of moral support. how do you read that and what does it mean besides condemning the actions? how would you describe that and how do you read that moral support? i heard a lot of support from security council members to his plea in the discussions we have just had. certainly there were no members of the security council who
6:30 pm
questioned the importance of preserving the territorial integrity, unity and sovereignty of ukraine. explain what private meeting means as opposed to consultation or other forms of security council meetings? >> this was a private meeting initiated by the lithuanian nationalr in a capacity, not as presidency of the security council. it came in the wake of a letter from the ukrainian permanent representative asking the security council to meet. theivate meeting means security council members have an opportunity to hear from another party, in this case the ukrainian permanent representative, but without cameras there and without other members of the u.n. being present. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much.
6:31 pm
federation is at least as interested as anybody else in the stability and prosperity of ukraine. obviousclaim for reasons of geography and history we are much more interested in that than some others who profess their knowledge about would like toine go, and maybe this is one of the reasons for the current crisis in ukraine. are claimingtors the path the ukrainians should be taking, rather than allowing the proper political process in the country. speaking about this particular meeting, its value for us was to retraceowed us the crisis in ukraine and particularly the current state of the situation in ukraine.
6:32 pm
view, a point of crucial element of this instability and the problems in various parts of ukraine is that the february 21 agreement was discovered immediately after it was signed. you will recall there were key elements in that agreement. agreement envisaged a constitutional process with a consultation of everybody in ukraine that would produce a constitution which will take care of the interests of all of the actors and regions there. there should be a government of national unity. the radicals carrying weapons in the streets should lay down their arms. waspresidential election envisaged towards the end of the year and there was also an important element there during the investigation by opposition of the authorities, including international factors, of
6:33 pm
which had taken place in ukraine in the course of the crisis. unfortunately, all of those things were discarded. it created the current situation of instability and concern in some regions of the country of where things were going. government cannot be described by any definition all standard as a government of national unity. it contains only people from a particular region, particular regions of the country, central and western ukraine. it does not contain representatives from various political forces. it is something that is causing concern in some parts of ukraine, especially that. almost the first decision that was taken after president yanukovych left key was to abrogate along the languages,
6:34 pm
in 2012 afterted leadingifficult process to adopting that agreement. it was seen as we understand it, by people in a number of regions in ukraine, as an effort of the people who found themselves in was not to bring about a democratic society, but to impose their political will on the rest of the country. , this is what caused a bitter reaction in some parts of ukraine, including crimea, where they saw efforts to intimidate various political players. for example, this announcement that the so-called friendship crimea.l defend to friendship trains,
6:35 pm
people traveling from one region to another. youth groups, etc. meant as a sign of , exercising force and intimidation on various political factions in crimea, the way we saw happening in kiev before. the international community first needs to think of how to bring about this political process which was envisaged in february the 21st agreement, and i think only that would provide solid ground for various forms of assistance, including financial assistance to ukraine, which some colleagues are talking about. we are not prepared to provide when russia came with its offer for financial assistance in the course of the crisis. ladies first. >> thank you.
6:36 pm
there has been talk of an international mediation mission. is that something you would approve of, join, or ignore? something that needs to be discussed and analyzed, this idea. the point i made in consultation is that we need to ask the authorities in the crimea what they feel about this kind of a mission. , we areter of principle against imposed mediation. if they are comfortable with that, we would have nothing against it. president mentioned yanukovych. you saw the press conference today. what do you think about what he said, that he is still the president of ukraine? >> we think the legal aspect of declaring him to be not the president any longer is very
6:37 pm
questionable. ukrainembassador of told us before he recorded and presented us with some of the units and helicopters presented by the russian federation. he even agreed with the qualification that it was an act of aggression. he reiterated. how do you describe the presence of military units from russia? >> we have an agreement with ukraine on the presence of the russian black sea fleet. we are acting within the framework of that agreement. i understand that my ukrainian colleague tried to distance himself from this definition of aggression. were to use that definition, it would be unacceptable. kiev, heremained in would have been able to exercise his constitutional rights -- >> this is the problem.
6:38 pm
immediately after this agreement was signed, and not just by president yanukovych and opposition leaders, but the signatures of the four leaders of germany, france and poland. supported by the european union. there were threats that they would be storming the unless heal residence resigns by 10:00 the next morning. that is my understanding, that is what caused him to leave the city. not something envisaged in the agreement. that was a clear breach of that agreement. >> the international monetary fund, they're offering money -- would you participate in that -- >> we are prepared to discuss various approaches to dealing with the very dramatic economic situation. for us, coming from the russian
6:39 pm
perspective, it is difficult to discuss it specifically because we don't know what the problem of this government will be. is it going to be a government that will be supported by the broad segment of the ukrainian population? of theopen to the idea international community meeting to help ukraine but there are too many question marks. >> can i ask you a further question about military movements in the crimea? there have been reports of armed men at airports, reports of more military helicopters coming in to crimea. >> we are trying to ask our colleagues to postpone this meeting till tomorrow to get more information. . wanted to go ahead now i don't have specific
6:40 pm
information. i recall from history books that one world one started, some newspapers in the u.k. reported that they saw a russian cossacks at the railway station. those reports are not always true. regardless of what the situation is now, is russia willing -- is russia willing to militarily intervene in ukraine to achieve your political goals? >> [laughter] even the question is aggravating. of robertsthe role in ukraine? we are concerned that he has been pushed into this thing. trip, it is a serious issue. unfortunately at various stages of his campaign he was played
6:41 pm
with by the new ukrainian authorities. the first meeting with the new service, the press reported that he supported the current processes. what that meant under those circumstances was not clear. the day before there was the favor 21 agreement supported by the secretary-general. one would expect him to support this agreement that was signed the day before. then we are giving the explanation that he did not really say it. what he said was completely different. if you're asking again about the possibility [indiscernible] why not? it's not a situation where one can improvise. too much improvise nation rather than sticking to
6:42 pm
the solid ground of february the 21st agreement. . >> at the beginning of the s, you say the western countries were creating a situation that would get worse. i remember i was here and you said something like that. how do you judge what the --opean union, united states are you ready to say something similar? did they behave in a way they should not? >> i don't want to draw any parallels between syria and ukraine. definitely saw some imposed mediation, and some people who were trying to determine for ukraine what they wanted. you remember the footage, when the speaker of the parliament from one of the baltic countries was speaking. germanyign minister of
6:43 pm
was actually marching in the demonstration with the opposition. going to have a referendum on the independence of scotland. can we expect baltic politicians marching there among those who are pitching for independence? let's see if this is going to happen. some of those things were quite graphic and in our view completely had nothing to do with the idea of no interference . they emphasize sovereignty but they behave as though ukraine was a province of the european union. impolitet least towards our ukrainian friends. importantly,re there was an effort to determine for ukraine what they need to do. you alluded to president yanukovych. i think he mentioned it briefly in today's press statement. they did realize, the ukrainian
6:44 pm
authorities, that signing of that association in agreement would entail serious economic consequences for them. they tried to buy some time. you see what happened. they were crowded in telling they were doing the wrong thing and this whole trouble started. they have a democratically elected president who had majority and a democratically elected parliament and his election was coming up a year from now. then he offered the post of prime minister to him. he could've taken the post. he could have signed the association agreement if you wanted to. he should've taken responsibility for the consequences. they went for toppling the president on changing operation. it was a dramatic and traumatic
6:45 pm
experience for the entire ukrainian society. that interference from our western colleagues has not been helpful. they have a certain responsibility for those dramatic consequences and responsibility for not following through with the agreement that they themselves brought about and affixed their signatures to on february the 21st. >> what is moscow's bottom line? >> the best way to resolve the theis is to look hard at february 21 agreement and try to do things the way they were described there. they need to have a constitutional dialogue and process of forming a new constitution. from hastyo refrain presidential election, which moremost likely create
6:46 pm
friction within the country. they need to stop trying to intimidate other regions and other political forces. they need to show in their this isolicies that about national reconciliation and unity, territorial integrity of ukraine. they need to work towards establishing the common ground there. so far we don't see that in practice. heard declarations to that effect but don't see that in practice. thank you very much. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014] >> ukrainian president yanukovych has fled to russia, where he held a news conference to declare himself the legitimate president of ukraine. his remarks come to c-span courtesy of the russian state owned television network, r.t.
6:47 pm
, we willon't mind organize our conference in the following way. mr. yanukovych would first like to tell you a few words, addressing them to you and the whole world, and then we will have the question time. if you agree with this, you have the floor, mr. yanukovych, please. >> thank you. distinguished viewers, .ournalists it is time for me to announce my decision to fight for the future of ukraine.
6:48 pm
i have decided to go public a bout it. no one has deposed me. ukrainerced to leave because of the threat to my life and the life of my relatives. know, the power in ukraine was seized by nationalists, pro-fascists, who represent a minority of the ukrainian population. how do i see the solution to the crisis? we need to fulfill what was laid down by the crisis settlement
6:49 pm
agreement between the president of ukraine and opposition in the presence of the foreign ministers of france, , as well as poland a representative of the russian federation. we need to embark on constitutional reform and finish september 2014. the reform needs to balance out all the branches of power. then we need to hold presidential reelections in , and then to014 adopt a new constitution.
6:50 pm
important tos very conduct an unbiased violence,ion of the given the monitoring of the european authorities, and all of the arms and weapons need to be handed over to the police. all of the buildings and streets and squares need to be de-blocked and barricades removed. all of the armed gunmen need to leave the streets, need to ensure normal life for the citizens of ukraine, including regions of theer country. we need to take into account the interests of all the regions of ukraine.
6:51 pm
it will be difficult to get out of this difficult situation. turbulent time that we face and the casualties are the consequences of the political crisis that ukraine faces. this is the result of the of thensible policy west. ukraine is a strong country and we will prevail. we will get out of this crisis. urge to hold a ukrainian referendum. as for the issues that will be , we neede referendum with thes these issues
6:52 pm
participation of the .road-spectrum of society and of course, they have to problems theant country is facing, also in terms of the states. , i would like to hear out some questions. the first question is about my colleague. you're welcome to ask a question. the mic isn't working. please introduce yourself. the mic is not working. agency from the interfax . [indiscernible] >> please just talk as loudly as
6:53 pm
you can. yesterday he said that the agreement concluded in february the 21st was not fulfilled and my second question is that the judges of the constitutional court have been deposed in ukraine. the russian constitutional court has provided feedback on that. how could you comment on that? thank you. >> thank you, i got the question. the agreement that was supposed to give a solution to the crisis had to be completed by both sides.
6:54 pm
intermediaryonal is reliable. i believe in the bona fide character of the mediation. the agreement was controversial but despite that i signed it and the leading opposition signed it too. the ministers of foreign affairs of three states also signed it. there was a critical decision at that point, according to the elements that were present and in other regions they had to hand over their weapons to de-block the area, so they the -- see that was not enforced.
6:55 pm
as a result, kiev was flooded .ith gunmen they started to destroy houses, cultural facilities and churches. innocent civilians suffered. people were robbed and beaten up in the streets and that is still happening. that is why that agreement gave a certain hope that what ensued is hard to describe. this is lawlessness, terror, complete chaos and lack of
6:56 pm
power. so these are decisions that were .aken by the government were subject.p.'s to physical violence. they cast stones at them. and they intimidated were taken to the square, where they took an oath of loyalty going forth. this cannot be called the job of the parliament. this is the job that was dumped on my opposition forces. depressed by my gunmen and the seal of the key. the governments which they called the cabinets of victory.
6:57 pm
victory over the ukrainian people, i'm asking you? it should have been a government of national unity. today it is difficult to find the proper words to describe how the power is being formed today. the names which became known across the world. these are the people who promote violence. well-known beyond ukraine, around the world. in israel, the insight -- they incite fear.
6:58 pm
i believe the ukrainian parliament is not legitimate and i still maintain that the settlement which is not , given the conditions .hat will be fulfilled to a certain extent and through the legal process of resolving the political crisis in ukraine, that was a way out. the radicals have forced us into this dead end. >> the second part of the question about the judges. >> this is an unprecedented move. not just for ukraine, but for any country of the world. constitution accord is
6:59 pm
destroyed by the state and the state is destroyed, we should not allow this to happen. isi don't know if the mic going to work. am going to give the floor to man. give him the mic. [inaudible] , do you feelvych ashamed for something? >> ashamed. i would like to offer my apologies. foremost to veterans, to the ukrainian people for what happened in ukraine.
7:00 pm
that i didn't have enough strength to maintain and to allow for the mess to happen. >> please introduce yourself. on the 21st of february, you signed an agreement with the opposition. you may concessions to the opposition. suddenly you fled the country. could you please explain in detail why you fled the country? why did you not speak directly to people straight away? why did it and you asked the eu for how? >> thank you for the question. please keep to one question of possible.


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